The GTA 6 trailer is here — a moment 10 years in the making mixes modern day Miami Vice and Florida Man chaos

Grand Theft Auto 6
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Our first glimpse of GTA 6 dropped sooner than we thought, as Rockstar released the trailer 14 hours earlier than the projected release date and time.

In the trailer, we see small hints about what the story may consist of, alongside a sizzle real of this downright beautifully rendered Vice City with a Florida everglades-inspired backcountry. 

Combine all this with an interesting social media focus, and we're looking at a modern day Miami Vice with a mix of Florida Man for chaotic emphasis. For more, see why one Tom's Guide editor believes the GTA 6 location is a big mistake

What's in the trailer?

In the trailer, we see a (quite frankly) graphically jaw dropping rendition of modern-day Vice City (inspired by Miami). The story seems to revolve around a couple — a female lead named Lucia, and an unnamed male protagonist, who seem to be pulling off Bonnie and Clyde escapades.

Alongside the fantastic visuals, a world full of life and story hints, there seems to be an interesting social media angle too with a whole segment in the middle dedicated to showing what seems to be a series of TikTok-esque posts (whatever Rockstar decides to call its parody of the social media service), including a livestream of your classic Karen-type behaviour. 

How this may play into the game? Nobody knows, and we'll probably have to wait until the launch to find out — currently set for 2025.

Oh and P.S. There are alligators in this world...

Leaks galore

So what has caused this sudden change of plan? Leaks. About an hour ago (at the time of writing), X lit up as the full trailer was revealed over 14 hours before the official launch.

At first, Rockstar did its best to subdue these leaks, as numerous accounts were suspended. But the plan changed — the studio decided to not fight the tidal wave, and instead, just bring their trailer launch forward.

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